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Based in Bandung, Indonesia

Release date:
28 Dec, 2018

PC (Steam)


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Horror is different for everyone. One might think it’s a one-time thing, while the other might think that it is filled with monsters. In Pamali, horror is shaped by the taboos and culture that live among the society itself. Pamali pushes horror that is created by Indonesian folktales, with four stories that depict everyday lives of Indonesian people. Experience authentic Indonesian ghosts such as Kuntilanak, Pocong, Tuyul, and Leak. Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror - The White Lady is the base game. In the game, you’ll play as Jaka, a young man who has just gone back to his hometown to sell his family’s old house. While cleaning up, he disregards many of his family’s old belongings and creates rude remarks. As a result, he experiences mysterious and unexplained events that will lead to a family secret. The other three folklores, each entitled The Tied Corpse, The Little Devil, and The Hungry Witch respectively, are released as DLCs.


We chose game development to be one of its main fields for it is one of the best forms of interaction and the future of the interactive medium of content. We pursue horror genre due to how Indonesia has so much local content that nobody else except for those living here really understand and sees. This proved to be a very unique concept because we strongly felt that no content should be westernized. We feel that it is our job as content creators to be one of the millions of people who have already told about these folklore horror stories.


  • Explore four immersive haunted levels.
  • Interact with various mystical and spiritual items.
  • Experience first-hand various mystical phenomena.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Most Favorite Local Game" Kincir Game and Movie Awards 2018
  • "Official Selection" BEKRAF Game Prime Showcase 2018

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Folklore 2: The Tied Corpse
Pamali's 1st DLC. Available now on Steam. https:.

Folklore 3: The Little Devil
Pamali's 2nd DLC. Coming soon on Steam. https:.

Folklore 4: The Hungry Witch
Pamali's 3rd DLC. Coming soon on Steam. https:.

About StoryTale Studios

We're a small indie creative studio focusing on game development, cross platform apps and animation.

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Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Credits

Andreas Andika
Studio Lead

Chandrika N. Dewi
Art Lead

Shandhi Sayogo
Technical Lead

Salman Farizi
Technical Artist

Aulia Khairunnisa
Content Writer

Mira Wardhaningsih
Content Writer

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